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If you're on a strict budget or simply want to try membership for a month or more, the simplest solution is Monthly Membership discounted by 25% down to £5.99 until 30th June 2015, with no annual contract. Your accumulated assets will continue to grow and you can switch to annual membership any time with monthly membership payments to date deducted.

2015 Membership Options
Monthly 25% Discounted Rate of £5.99 remains available until 30 June 2015


All Benefits

Commencing any day before 30th June 2015 £5.99 *


All Benefits

1st June–31st December 2015 (7 Months) £39.99

2015/2016 MEMBERSHIP

All Benefits

1st June 2015–31st December 2016 (7 Months and 1 Year) £89.99
Local Knowledge Worldwide

* This 25% discounted rate is fixed until the end of 2016 for monthly subscriptions taken out before 1st July this year (2015) when the offer ends. From that date the rate will revert to £7.99

Note: No VAT is payable on any of the rates shown above.

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