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Welcome to 27 million potential guests!

Holiday Lettings connects you to holidaymakers from around the world on the TripAdvisor® global network and Holiday Lettings website, providing direct commission-free enquiries for you to take your own bookings or have them processed through an online booking services provider if you have one.

Holiday Lettings has:

  • The best customer support in the industry
  • A £2m annual marketing spend
  • The biggest choice of marketing options
  • Multi-lingual online marketing expertise
  • An Owners Advice Centre
  • Property Services Directory
  • 929 properties in Wales already signed up

...and for Holidaymakers:

  • Wales holiday ideas and inspiration
  • Search by destination
  • Travel resources
  • Festival and events information
  • Browse early deals
  • Browse late deals
  • Shortlists of favourite properties
  • Sharing shortlists with friends
  • Testimonials from other guests


West Wales/Pembrokeshire
May 2010: "Thought you might like to know that we have had our first booking less than 24 hours of our advert going live!"
Lynda Tindle

Powys/Brecon Beacons
October 2010: "I must say we've continued to have good quality bookings coming in with a very high conversion rate and some lovely people coming to stay!"
Deri Morgan

August 2010: "I just wanted to say thank you for getting our account activated. I was surprised to receive the first booking less than 2 hours afterwards! Many thanks for your help."
Deri Morgan

North Wales/Snowdonia
December 2009: "I am pleased to report that whilst I advertise on 5 other lettings sites, the majority of my bookings for the last 12 months have come through yourselves! By far the most productive advertising money I have spent this year. Thank you."
Diane Hutchinson

August 2009: "Thanks also for an excellent service, it really works well, I have no hesitation recommending you to other holiday home owners."
Des Quinton

Owners' Advice Centre and Property Services Directory

Take advantage of the Advice Centre and Services Directory to help you promote your property and maintain it in tip-top order

Exclusive Promotional Deal for Wales

Get more business at less cost from your Holiday Lettings advertising

Make your 2011 marketing budget go to work immediately with an affordable way to prompt direct bookings for even the smallest of self-catering and serviced accommodation providers in Wales:

Tourism Wales UK members signed up for 2011 save £180 +VAT on an exclusive Premium+TripAdvisor® deal discounted from £399 until 15th March 2011. The Holiday Letting's team will help you set up your advert, get you online quickly and support you throughout the year.

Use the form below to register your request for a discount code and get the new decade off to flying start from 1st January 2011. You may use your code by 15th March 2011 against a Premium+TripAdvisor® deal to maximise your exposure on Holiday Lettings, TripAdvisor and websites (please note that this discount is not available for any monthly payment options or properties already advertising with Holiday Lettings).

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