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What kind of organisation is Tourism Wales UK?

Tourism Wales UK is a fully-dedicated web and social media marketing platform for Wales, promoting the websites of its members. Founded in 1988 as This Week the national tourism newspaper and in the hands now of Location Wales Online Limited, it celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2013 and goes from strength to strength.

What is is the top-level information domain for Wales using intelligent mapping to show the location of Tourism Wales UK subscribers. The domain is managed by Location Wales Online Limited with over 14,000 live sites.

What's the difference between Subscription Members and Basic Members?

Subscription members pay an all-inclusive annual subscription for all benefits. They have their own websites, Staying in Wales microsites, and links back to their own web pages. Basic members have free listings at the Staying in Wales website with no links back to their web pages.

Do you charge for advertising?

Not in the sense most people mean when asing this question. Tourism Wales UK subscription members pay a fixed monthly or annual amount for all benefits.

What are your subscription member rates?

Subscription member rates are £5.99 +VAT monthly or £59.99 +VAT per calendar year.

Do you provide free listings?

Yes. Free listings are provided by Staying in Wales.

Do you provide Website Development and Web Hosting services?

Yes. We provide powerful, responsive and fully-hosted WordPress websites for tourism that members can manage for themselves. They can use their own .com, or domain for these.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website that adjusts itself automatically to fit any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile size acreen.

What is the Wales Settlements Project & WikiWales?

This project received funding from Visit Wales to produce a feasibility study on a new micro-destination destination marketing model. It uses rich Wikipedia and Wikivoyage content to promote individual villages and towns and tourism businesses own websites.

What is WelcomeWiki?

WelcomeWiki is a simple tool for embedding rich Wikipedia and Wikivoyage content in tourism businesses own web pages.

What is Wikivoyage?

Wikivoyage is the latest addition to the Wikmedia family of official projects and is a free worldwide travel guide anyone can edit. Its pages on Wales will expand rapidly during 2014.

What are eGuides for tourism?

Tourism eGuides can be published by community groups to promote their villages and towns, and tourism businesses to promote their own products and services.

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