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What is is the highest-level information domain for Wales, registered with ICANN* on 13th July 2002 under ID D2267128-LRMS and is part of the global Internet. *Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

How does work? is the foundation stone of Tourism Wales UK, which supports the websites of over 2,000 accommodation providers and 278 towns and village in Wales. It attracts commission-free booking enquiries from across the world, which go direct to the email boxes and websites of Tourism Wales UK members.

What is Tourism Wales UK?

Tourism Wales UK is the membership organisation that gives members direct access to to promote their own websites and receive direct, commission-free booking enquiries.

How do and Tourism Wales UK differ? attracts tourism visitors to Wales. Tourism Wales UK points them to its members’ websites for commission-free booking transactions.

What's the difference between Subscription Membership and Basic Membership?

Full members pay an all-inclusive annual subscription for all benefits associated with being seen on the platform under their accommodation type and town name. Basic members are simply kept in touch with developments until they become full members.

Do you charge for advertising?

Not in the sense most people mean when asking this question. Tourism Wales UK members pay a fixed monthly or annual amount for all benefits.

Do you provide free listings?

Yes. Free listings are provided by Staying in Wales.

What are your Full Member rates?

40% discounted "Early Bird" rates are available until 31st December each year for the next calendar year with no VAT payable:
Most popular: £5.99 monthly
Regular: £59.99 per calendar year
Best value: £89.99 for two consecutive calendar years

After 1st January each year the following rates apply with no VAT payable:
Most popular: £8.99 monthly
Regular: £89.99 per calendar year
Best value: £149.99 for two consecutive calendar years

Do you provide Web Hosting services?

Yes. provides free web hosting for members’ own websites.

Do you provide Web Development and Design Services?

Yes. developers are available to provide these services for members.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a website where the pages adjusts automatically to fit any size screen (desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile).

What is the Wales Settlements Project & WikiWales?

The "Wales Settlements Project & WikiWales" was funded by Welsh Government to produce a feasibility study on a new micro-destination marketing model for tourism businesses and communities. The model uses rich Wikipedia and Wikivoyage content to promote individual villages and towns in Wales and members’ own websites to gain direct bookings.

What is WelcomeWiki?

WelcomeWiki is a simple web tool for copying rich Wikipedia and Wikivoyage content into members’ own websites.

What is Wikivoyage?

Wikivoyage is the latest addition to the Wikimedia family of official projects and is a free worldwide travel guide anyone can edit. Its pages on Wales will grow rapidly over the coming years.

What are eGuides for tourism?

eGuides for tourism can be published by community groups to promote their villages and towns; and for members to promote their own websites.

Are you part of Visit Wales?

No. We are a Visit Wales distribution channel receiving information from Visit Wales to add value to members’ own websites.

Are you associated with North Wales Tourism or Mid Wales Tourism?

No. We were members of all three regional tourism companies (RTCs) until Wales Tourist Board (WTB) withdrew funding from these companies in 2005 and set up the Regional Tourism Partnerships (RTPs) in their place. In theory the RTPs were not to engage directly in consumer marketing. On 30th September 2014 they too were abolished and superseded by Regional Representatives directly employed by Welsh Government.

How did the RTPs and RTCs differ?

RTPs were funded by Visit Wales and high-level partners. They were not designed to engage in consumer marketing and had no members. RTCs are private businesses engaged in consumer marketing.

What's happened to the Wales Tourist Board?

The Wales Tourist Board was abolished in 2005 and Visit Wales became a department within Welsh Government located now in Trefforest.

Are you Staying in Wales or Stay in Wales?

Staying in Wales

Why did you choose such a similar name and cause so much confusion?

The name Staying in Wales was proposed by the Welsh Development Agency to continue Internet marketing for Taste of Wales members when the scheme was discontinued. Staying in Wales has been acquired by Tourism Wales UK, is still popular amongst holidaymakers to Wales, and delivers booking enquiries to members.

What does Location Wales Online do?

Location Wales Online was responsible for the online mapping that still drives the web platform and was predicated on the Location Wales; Geographic Information for Wales: Opportunities and Challenges white paper. It originated from the partnership between early Internet adopter Steven Potter and online mapping pioneer Terry Jackson, joint publishers of the national tourism newspaper for Wales over the 17-year period 1988-2005.

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