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Location Wales Online
Warwick House
Westgate Street
Cardiff CF10 1DH

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1. Introduction

Wales UK/ Tourism Wales UK is a partnership between two digital marketing and early internet/ online mapping pioneers Terry Jackson and Phil Evans, previous publishers of the national tourism newspaper for Wales established in 1988. Location Wales Online mapping is predicated on the Location Wales; Geographic Information for Wales: Opportunities and Challenges white paper.

2. Authorisations and Approvals Tourism Wales UK:

  • the online membership organisation for independent tourism businesses in Wales, free of Government and authorised to use the internet domain and leading location-based software and mapping and for the benefit of members and visitors to Wales alike.
  • a Google whitelisted partner authorised to submit members' information for a Google Places free listing, given members' express consent to do so.
  • an approved information provider to TripAdvisor able to write reviews relating to members and their properties and to help members counter bad reviews.
  • an authorised supplier of information to Guestscan to help counter bad behaviour and respond to poor reviews from guests
  • a WelcomeWeb approved supplier of information and services to help members achieve awards for their own websites.
  • authorised by major booking engine service providers to deliver availability, booking and secure online payment services to members.
  • authorised to pass on cost savings negotiated with approved suppliers to help members reduce their operating costs and become more competitive.
  • a member of the International Federation for Information Technology Travel and Tourism.

All services delivered by Tourism Wales UK to members and visitors alike are covered by membership subscriptions with no income derived from third party suppliers.

3. Tourist Information Services Tourism Wales UK's primary function is to provide tourist information to help visitors find accommodation and enjoy their holidays.

It performs this service online through and a network of 14,000 location-based tourist information websites and mobile websites. Tourism Wales UK members are given login details to enable them to keep their information up to date at and are encouraged to do so both for their own benefit and that of holidaymakers. Tourism Wales UK visit uses its best endeavours to maintain the accuracy of information published but cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or any consequences thereof.

Holidaymakers are advised to contact providers direct to confirm the accuracy of any information published before embarking on a visit.

4. Accommodation Information

Accurate Data Tourism Wales UK members must agree to provide accurate data on their accommodation property(ies) using their login details at The information supplied must be accurate, undisputed, authoritative, with current facts specific to each location.

Members must provide their primary direct local phone number specific to each location rather than a number that serves many locations. Likewise, members must provide the home page address of the primary website for each location.

Primary Source
By providing information on their accommodation property(ies) at, members give Tourism Wales UK express consent to act as the primary source of information for their Google Places free listing unless they have already submitted their information direct to Google.

This service is provided free to Tourism Wales UK members to help them onto the first rung of a ladder of new benefits available from a free Google Places listing and who have neither the know-how or time to deal with this themselves.

No Spam
As a Google whitelisted partner, Tourism Wales UK has undertaken not to engage in deceptive or manipulative behavior intended to game search result ranking with the information provided by members.

5. Accommodation Booking Tourism Wales UK has formed strategic partnerships with eviivo Limited, Just Booking and to deliver secure accommodation booking services for its members.

6. Privacy Policy Tourism Wales UK undertakes not to pass any data or collections of data on to third parties without express commission from members.

7. Service Provision Tourism Wales UK provides extensive online market exposure and new marketing opportunities for businesses wanting to enhace holidaymakers' online experience of Wales.

8. Income Tourism Wales UK derives its income from membership subscriptions alone and is free of influence monetarily from any third party.

9. Undertaking Tourism Wales UK undertakes to provide accurate, timely, accessible and fully-networked information to assist visitors in their choice of destination and accommodation booking.

10. Tourism Wales UK Membership Categories

All membership categories provide a website and mobile website live on the worlwide web with original content and contact details provided by Visit Wales; location-based mapping provided by Location Wales Online, and an email booking enquiry form.

Associate membership enables members to manage the information in their websites and make them searchable from with links to members own websites.

Full membership activates the 'BOOK ONLINE' button in members' websites, linked to the booking engine service provider of their choice.

Book Online membership is a category exclusive to members signed up to eviivo frontdesk® at a nominal service charge on bookings and commission-free bookings via Google Places and TripAdvisor.

11. Online Help Desk

Email assistance is available at with response provided within one working day.

12. Telephone Help Desk

A telephone help desk is available to Book Online members at 0800 422 00 88.

13. Frequently-Asked Questions

A list of FAQs is available at

14. Network Performance

Network performance is covered by a 24/7 Service Level Agreement between Tourism Wales UK and its Internet Service Provider (ISP) who undertake to provide a response to reported interruptions within four hours.

15. Members Alerts and Bulletins

Members receive regular alerts and bulletins providing tips on improving the performance of their own websites and details of new developments.

16. Exclusions Tourism Wales UK, with support from its members, will use its best endeavours to maintain the accuracy of all information and content and to maintain communication with members and holidaymakers without breaks in transmission. Neither Tourism Wales UK nor its members can be held responsible for inaccuracies in information provided by third parties nor breaks in transmission beyond its reasonable control or for any consequences thereof.

17. Contact

If you have any questions about the distribution channel, please contact the Tourism Wales UK Team on 07770 574130 Weekdays 9am-5pm or by email at