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Introduction started life as the National Tourism Newspaper for Wales (1988-2005). Its founders, early internet adopter Steven Potter and online mapping pioneer Terry Jackson, went on to publish Staying in Wales in 2003 before the domain was acquired in 2007. Terry Jackson became a member of the AGI Cymru subgroup responsible for publishing the Location Wales; Geographic Information for Wales: Opportunities and Challenges white paper, which paved the way for Location Wales Online and the establishment of as the driving force behind Tourism Wales UK.

Authorisation is the highest information domain for Wales, registered with ICANN* on 13th July 2002 under ID D2267128-LRMS and is part of the global Internet. The domain and web platform is commissioned by Tourism Wales UK to help national and international visitors to Wales get their bearings in the shortest possible time, and quickly locate holiday accommodation of all types to match every budget. All services provided by to visitors are funded by annual subscriptions paid by Tourism Wales UK members. In order to provide visitors wit the widest possible choice, however, accommodation listings are not restricted to members alone. subsists on membership subscriptions alone with no commission payable by visitors booking accommodation or Tourism Wales UK members offering accommodation.

Tourist Information and Visitor Services Provision’s primary function is to provide tourist information services to help visitors find accommodation and enjoy their holidays in Wales. It performs this service through main web pages and a network of interconnected websites for over 10,000 accommodation providers, visitor attractions, towns, villages, cities and events in Wales. Holidaymakers are provided with extensive online coverage of where to go, where to stay and things to do in Wales to enhance their overall holiday experience, generate return visit decisions and word of mouth recommendations to friends and family alike to come to Wales. Service provision extends to timely, all-year-round information on local, regional and national events to encourage short-break visits out of season as well as traditional summer holidays. uses its best endeavours to maintain the accuracy of all information published but holidaymakers are advised to contact providers direct to confirm the accuracy of any published information before embarking on a trip.

Accommodation Information

Information on accommodation is provided by accommodation providers themselves who, as members of Tourism Wales UK, must agree to provide accurate, up-to-date information about their accommodation

Accommodation Booking

All accommodation booking enquiries attracted by are automatically referred direct to the accommodation providers’ own websites, email boxes or by telephone for an immediate response with no commission payable to or by anyone party to the transactions. holds a copy of each enquiry in order to help visitors find alternative accommodation in the event of untimely response from accommodation providers or there being no accommodation available for the dates sought. Tourism Wales UK members are expected to offer alternative dates to visitors or refer enquiries to other accommodation providers in the area.

Privacy Policy

All information provided by visitors seeking accommodation is held on file for future reference by visitors and accommodation providers alike to help improve response times and the overall service. undertakes not to pass any data or collections of data on to third parties without express permission from either party to the transactions.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are very small text files stored on visitors computers to help identify them when they revisit, to remember where they are in the enquiry process and help improve the user experience. They can be disabled but will stop the pages from functioning properly. Functional cookies, for example, offer Live Chat Support (If available) and use Google Analytics to track the pages used by visitors to help improve their online experience. Sharing cookies enable visitors to share pages with social networks such as Facebook (If available) and to share pages via Add This (If available). will not share any personal information with third parties.


Tourism Wales UK derives its income from members’ subscriptions alone and is free of monetary influence from any third party

Undertaking undertakes within reason to provide accurate, timely, accessible and fully networked information to assist visitors in their choice of destination and accommodation but cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies in any information provided by third parties or any consequences therefrom.

Frequently-Asked Questions

A list of FAQs is available at

Network Performance

Network performance is covered by a 24/7 Service Level Agreement between and its Internet Service Provider (ISP) who undertakes to provide a response to reported interruptions within four hours.

Visitor Newsletters and Information Bulletins

Opt-in newsletters and bulletins are available to anyone wishing to stay in touch with what’s happening This Week in Wales.

Exclusions with full support from Tourism Wales UK members will use its best endeavours to maintain the accuracy of all information and content and to maintain online communication with visitors throughout their stay without breaks in transmission. cannot be held responsible, however, for breaks in transmission beyond its reasonable control and any consequences thereof.


Any questions about should be emailed to with a response expected within one working day.